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IVIE: organisation of Corporate and Team Building events in Como

A story, a team and a leader lie behind the name of each company: it is up to us to illustrate all this and best manage the events that speak of your company.

The experience IVIE has gained over the years has allowed us to perfect the planning of each event down to the last detail, creating exclusive relationships with exceptional partners. IVIE is the ideal agency for the organisation of conventions, seminars, team building, meetings, inaugurations and events related to your company, including annual meeting opportunities such as dinners and lunches for your staff.

As experts of the Como area and professionals in the field of event organisation, at IVIE we know how to combine your needs with the expectations of customers and employees, creating a perfect harmony between all the elements needed to let your business have even more impact and unity.

IVIE: your agency for organising corporate events in Como

IVIE’s goal for each event is to amaze with creativity, always offering innovative and incredible solutions to enhance and strengthen every company that relies on our staff. More specifically, we take care of: planning sports and sensory experiences, discovering the culture of the Como area and the local towns, organising presentations, inaugurations and researching company gadgets.

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